Q. What is a “started pullet”?

A. A started pullet is an young female chicken–a hen. Our started pullets are typically 2-3 months old when we sell them.

Q. What do you feed your chickens?

A. We feed an all natural NON-GMO feed to all our chickens throughout their stay at our farm. We believe that a healthy life starts with a healthy diet, so we only feed the highest quality chicken feed to our birds.

Q. How old are your chickens at the time of sale?

A. Any chickens that you purchase from us will generally be 8-12 weeks old when they arrive. That means they will be fully feathered out, and have their beautiful adult plumage.

Q. When will you ship my chickens?

A. We ship every Tuesday. If you place your order before 11:00 AM CDT any Tuesday we will ship your order the same day! They will usually arrive in 1-2 business days after being shipped. We send all our customers their tracking number, so they can keep up with where their birds are at all times.

Q. When will my chickens start laying eggs?

A. Chickens can start laying eggs when they are as young as 4 months old. However, we like to tell our customers to give them 6 months. Most chickens will start laying before they are that old, but some wait longer than others. Each chicken is different, and it takes time for them to get adjusted to their new home. If you are patient and take good care of them you will get eggs very soon after they arrive!

Q. How much will my chickens eat?

A. The amount of food that your chickens will eat will vary based on several factors such as age, variety and available natural forage. However, the average laying hen seems to consume approximately 1.5 lbs. of chicken feed per week.