About Us

I started raising chickens as a young boy so our family could have fresh eggs. At 12 years old, my brother and I decided to start hatching our own chicks. We borrowed $70 from our Dad and started hatching chicks. After paying back the $70 we had borrowed, we bought a few more small incubators with money we’d made off the chicks we’d sold. The demand for our high quality chicks kept growing, so we bought two incubators that held 290 eggs each. After a few years of using those, demand was still growing for our chicks, so we bought a 10,000 egg incubator and started hatching more chicks for our customers. Then in 2011 I thought people might want high quality adult chickens. So I started raising chicks to adults and selling them locally. Now people all over want my chickens, so I now regularly drive 110 miles, one way, to take the chickens to the main post office in the DFW area where they are then put on planes to fly to your local post office. Thank you for your interest in my chickens! I look forward to doing business with you.